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EmpowHR is a Human Capital Management System comprised of an integrated suite of commercial and Government applications that support all critical Human Resources (HR) components in a single enterprise system. It provides comprehensive employee information enabling Agencies to: (1) make critical decisions concerning workforce utilization, (2) forecast workforce turnover and placement, and (3) project future resource budget allocations on a fiscal year basis, for optimum achievement of Agency mission goals.

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  • Basics

    The goal of EmpowHR is to offer a streamlined, integrated set of business processes within a National Finance Center (NFC)-hosted technology suite, which can be leveraged by the client to automate common administrative tasks associated with HR management and reduce internal operational costs using industry best practices.

  • User Security

    For more information on EmpowHR User Security, please contact either your Agency Security Officer or your EmpowHR Distributed Security Administrator.

  • Tables

    EmpowHR is a relational database. The advantage of a relational database is that data is entered into a table once, and can be accessed and reassembled many different ways without having to reenter or reorganize tables.

  • Position Management

    Position Management allows the creation or modification of all position information (including a job code and position). Position Management is used to assign data to positions and move employees in and out of positions as appropriate.

  • PAR Processing

    The PAR processing module is used for processing personnel actions (any action requiring a Standard Form (SF) 50, Notification of Personnel Action, and SF 52, Request for Personnel Action).

  • Payroll Documents

    Payroll document transactions are sent to the mainframe and are run through the Personnel Input and Edit System (PINE) process for editing. Transactions that pass the PINE edits are applied to the Payroll/Personnel database and sent to EmpowHR.

  • Worklist

    The worklist contains transactions that are created and/or sent to a specific person (or group) informing them that there are transaction(s) requiring attention.

  • Employee Self Service (ESS)

    ESS offers employees direct online access to Human Resources (HR) information such as benefits and compensation data. ESS reduces the number of phone calls and paperwork in and out of the HR office.

  • Manager Self Service (MSS)

    Manager Self Service (MSS) provides managers with the tools and information they need to administer certain aspects pertaining to employees’ professional development. It eliminates paperwork and provides managers with a method to track information on each employee.

  • Manage Performance

    Manage Performance, which includes performance plans, progress reviews, and performance appraisals, is a guide to recognize and reward quality of work performance and develop those employees that are not performing proficiently by providing training and counseling.

  • Labor Relations

    Labor Relations is used to track employee relations issues initiated by an employee, a Department, or a union representative. It is important to keep an accurate record of the nature of the violation and the steps taken to respond to the incident. This will help protect the organization against legal liability.

  • Transit Subsidy

    The Transit Subsidy option is used to record and report transit subsidy information (i.e., taxable or non-taxable commuting subsidies) for an employee. Reports can be generated or submitted at any time.

  • Report Functions

    The Report Manager is a view-only function and displays a list of any reports that have been created in EmpowHR. The Process Monitor is used to access the Process List page. This option allows authorized users to view the status of a submitted process request.

  • HR Reports

    EmpowHR's HR Reports option provides a group of standard reports for querying HR data from within the EmpowHR application.

  • Person Model

    The Person Model is a term used to describe the information captured about a person and how the person is related to the organization. Each relationship may require different attributes and different processing.

  • ePerformance

    ePerformance is a self-service evaluation application for managers, employees, and human resources (HR) administrators. ePerformance can be used as a tool for planning, collaborating, communicating, assessing, and monitoring evaluations for two purposes: performance and development.

  • Excel to Component Interface

    The Excel to Component Interface (CI) utility is a tool used to create and update data in EmpowHR via remote connection to the application.

  • Data Warehouse

    Data Warehouse intelligently consolidates and enriches data from any source, providing insight into human resource operations to identify trends and discover opportunities.

  • Glossary

    This glossary is a composite of definitions, terms, and acronyms used within the context of EmpowHR for United States Federal Government processes.

Quick Reference Cards

Quick References have been created to provide you a quick rundown on using specific systems or applications.

  • EmpowHR to PMSO Crosswalk

    This crosswalk provides a field-by-field comparison of the Master Record and Individual Position screens in the Position Management System Online (PMSO) to the corresponding pages in EmpowHR.

  • EPIC to EmpowHR and IRIS Crosswalk

    This document displays various EPIC Web screens with their corresponding EmpowHR screens, as well as IRIS screens. Additionally, each screen includes a sample hyperlink of associated screens.

  • Separations Checklist

    When processing an employee separation of any type, take the following important steps to ensure that your actions are applied to the system and not counteracted by invalid data that remains in the National Finance Center’s (NFC’s) systems.

Data Dictionary

This document contains a Data Dictionary for the EmpowHR application including associated modules and verification of mapping to the Payroll/Personnel System.

  • EmpowHR Data Dictionary

    The Data Dictionary defines records and fields associated with the EmpowHR application. Due to an excessive amount of data for the Data Dictionary, it was necessary to provide separate documents for the records and fields.

Tools and Utilities

EmpowHR Tools and Utilities provide templates for mass actions outside of the EmpowHR application.


  • EmpowHR Course

    The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the EmpowHR system and how it interacts with the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS). The course covers all of the main components within EmpowHR and demonstrates ways to research and correct suspense errors.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    In this course, we will learn how to utilize the 3rd Party Integration capability within EmpowHR to transmit data to and from your staffing vendor to streamline the hiring and onboarding process.

  • Creating a Job Code

    Job codes are used for grouping similar positions in a logical manner. In this short video, we demonstrate how to create a Job Code using the EmpowHR interface.

  • Distributed Security Overview

    The Distributed Security Administrator (DSA) training course where we will learn how to perform key functions within the EmpowHR application as an EmpowHR Distributed Security Administrator to create new user profiles as well as how to maintain and update user profiles.

  • Super User

    The use of the Red Pencil functionality allows users, granted with access to this feature from their Agency, the ability to update and modify information in EmpowHR without processing a correction action.

  • Manager Self Service (MSS)

    This course is designed to provide you with the appropriate skills and knowledge to access and perform key functions within EmpowHR Manager Self Service, including Manager Recruit Request and Manager PAR Request.