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GovTA is a Web-based Time and Attendance (T&A) report application specially designed to meet the T&A reporting requirements for Federal Departments or Agencies and their employees.

Latest Bulletins

There have not been any bulletins issued to this system in the last 3 months. Please see the bulletins page for this system for a complete listing.


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  • Employee

    Employees can enter timesheet data, view a summary of current pay period timesheet information, submit leave and premium pay requests, view certified timesheets, select accounting code, assign descriptions to accounting codes, generate leave audit reports, send messages to supervisors and/or timekeepers, maintain schedules, manage emergency contact information, and donate leave.

  • HR Admin

    Supervisors can select and/or search for an employee record, certify or reject validated timesheets before submitting to NFC, review and approve or deny all leave and premium pay requests, view COP information if COP module is implemented, delegate supervisory role in the event of absence, generate various reports, and view an employee's emergency contact information.

  • Supervisor

    The HR Admin role in GovTA allows users to add new employees if they are not loaded via the daily PPS feed from NFC, adds and edit user information, and run reports.

  • Timekeeper

    Timekeepers are able to add new employees, manage an employee profile, add new accounting codes, enter and validate T&A data on behalf of the employee, view leave and premium pay requests, and review an employee's previously certified T&A data.

  • Telework Coordinator

    The Telework coordinator has access to view and print employee Telework Agreements. The Telework Coordinator may configure Agency guidelines and requirements on the telework agreement form, in addition to the standard section provided by Federal regulations.

  • Telework Managing Officer

    The Telework Managing Officer only has access to reports via the main menu. The Reports page lists reports that are available to a telework managing officer and the My Saved and Scheduled Reports page displays a list of reports that have been scheduled for background execution.

  • COP (Continuation of Pay) Administrator

    The COP Administrator creates and manages COP accounts. COP events occur when an employee is injured while engaged in official work activities on work premises, provided the employee meets the eligibility criteria.

  • ECM (Emergency Contact Management) Administrator

    The ECM Administrator has access to all employee contacts in the Agency and also performs administrative duties such as updating the footer text that appears on the Employee's Emergency Contacts page. ECM Administrators are able to run reports and delegate their role.

Quick Reference Cards

Quick References have been created to provide you a quick rundown on using specific systems or applications.

  • GovTA Integration

    View the Processing Flowchart and Integration Feeds utilized by GovTA throughout the Payroll/Personnel System.

  • GovTA Project Manager

    View the GovTA processes utilized by the Project Manager role for adding projects, assigning members, assigning organizational members, attach and detach sub-projects, deactivate projects, delegate projects to other project managers, change project managers, and assign accounts to projects.

  • GovTA Timekeeper

    View the GovTA processes utilized by the Timekeeper Role for viewing leave requests, viewing premium pay requests, validating timesheets, delegating the timekeeper role, managing accounts, running reports adding/maintaining schedules, adding/maintaing shifts, adding telework requests, and administering continuation of pay.


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  • Course for Employees

    Learn the step-by-step methods used by employees for entering Time and Attendance (T&A) data for each pay period.

  • Course for Supervisors

    Learn the step-by-step methods used by supervisors for entering and certifying Time and Attendance (T&A) data for each pay period.