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TIME (T&A Validation System Edit Messages)

TIME is the edit system of National Finance Center (NFC) for time and attendance. TIME performs all editing and validating necessary for acceptance of Time and Attendance (T&A) data for payment. TIME utilizes the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) database and table files in its edit/validation process.

Latest Bulletins

There have not been any bulletins issued to this system in the last 3 months. Please see the bulletins page for this system for a complete listing.


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  • TIME Procedure Manual

    The purpose of this procedure is to (1) familiarize Agencies with TIME edits so that these errors will be avoided when preparing T&As and (2) inform Agencies of the action taken by NFC to release T&As from suspense. It is not to be used for preparing T&As for processing; the Time and Attendance Instructions (TNAINST) should be used for that purpose.

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