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FESI (Front-End System Interface)

Front-end entry systems are used by National Finance Center (NFC) customer Agencies to batch transmit data to NFC for processing in NFC’s Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) in lieu of entering it in an NFC-maintained entry system. FESI is not a system itself but is an interface process between the front-end entry system used by the Agency and PPS. Listed below are the latest bulletins for the system.


Documentation that was published between April 15, 2024, and July 15, 2024
Bulletin Effective Published Reference Number
Update 91 - Revisions Released for GPPA Chapter 17 for DETO
  • empowhr
  • epic web
  • fesi
  • pine
  • tmgt
CY24 PP062024-04-15NFC-24-1711563276