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EPP (Employee Personal Page)

EPP is a Web-based application that provides employees self-service access to their personal information. EPP provides the user with the ability to view and make changes to their salary and benefit information without having to submit change requests to their Agency personnel office.

Latest Bulletins


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  • EPP Procedure Manual

    EPP Home allows users to access their personal information. Users can also view the latest news and announcements, which include announcements for all employees, and messages targeted to specific groups of employees. Organizations can request that messages be posted in the News section of the Home page by specifying either Department, Agency, or Department and Agency, and personnel office identifier (POI).

Quick Reference Cards

Quick References have been created to provide you a quick rundown on using specific systems or applications.

  • MyEPP User ID/Password Guide

    This Quick Reference Guide provides instructions for new and current employees on the EPP user identification (ID) and password process.

  • Import W-2 into Tax Software

    If you have never setup a password for your W-2, you will need to establish one. You cannot use your MyEPP password to import your W-2 into any tax software.


This application does not have any Training available at this time.