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EPIC Web (Web-based Entry, Processing, Inquiry, and Correction System)

EPIC Web allows users to enter payroll and personnel transactions for processing, correct transactions, execute suspense and status reports, and more.

Latest Bulletins

There have not been any bulletins issued to this system in the last 3 months. Please see the bulletins page for this system for a complete listing.


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  • EPIC Web Procedure Manual

    This application allows customers to Enter payroll and personnel transactions for processing in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS), Correct transactions that have failed the Personnel Input and Edit System (PINE) edits, and more.

Quick Reference Cards

Quick References have been created to provide you a quick rundown on using specific systems or applications.

  • EPIC to EmpowHR and IRIS Crosswalk

    This document displays various EPIC Web screens with their corresponding EmpowHR screens, as well as IRIS screens. Additionally, each screen includes a sample hyperlink of associated screens.

  • EPIC Open Season Processing

    This quick reference describes how to utilize EPIC Web in producing a Health Registration Form (SF-2809) for processing benefit changes during the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Open Season.

  • Separations Checklist

    When processing an employee separation of any type, take the following important steps to ensure that your actions are applied to the system and not counteracted by invalid data that remains in the National Finance Center’s (NFC’s) systems.


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  • EPIC Web Course

    EPIC Web includes a review of subject areas such as IRIS, PINQ, TMGT, PMSO, Personnel Actions and Payroll Document Processing, as well as providing basic operational information, which includes requesting reports and correcting failed transactions.