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Paycheck8 Roles

Roles are assigned in Paycheck8 by the Agency ConnectHR Administrator or the Agency Paycheck8 Role Administrator. The Agency Security Officer requests access for an Agency ConnectHR Administrator by either sending an email to the Information Systems Security Office (ISSO) or by sending a fax to 504-426-9704 which must contain the Security Officer's signature. At least 2 weeks should be allowed for the request to be processed.

There are two sets of roles:

  1. ConnectHR Roles - give the user access to ConnectHR only and allows for Role Assignment and other Administrative functions in Paycheck8.
  2. Paycheck8 Roles - give the user access to Paycheck8 with defined functions.

The following roles are available in ConnectHR:

Agency ConnectHR Administrator (Tier 4)

Agency Paycheck8 Role Administrator (Tier 3)

The following roles are available in Paycheck8:

Employee (Tier 2)

Employee plus Read (Tier 2)

Timekeeper (Tier 2)

Master Timekeeper (Tier 2)

Human Resources (HR) Administrator (Tier 2)

Agency Change Client (Tier 2)

Agency Accounting Administrator (Tier 2)

VLTP Administrator (Tier 2)

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