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Information Research Inquiry System (IRIS)

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PERHIS Personnel Actions Summary (IR525)

PERHIS Personnel Actions Summary is screen number 525 on the Personnel History Menu. It displays a history of processed personnel actions. Information displayed includes effective date, nature of action, Agency, POI, user ID, and the pay period and year processed. This screen lists all personnel actions processed and excludes payroll transactions (such as, State tax, union dues, etc.). To access information, type the SSN and press Enter.

You may transfer from a specific record on this screen to screen IR501, IR502, or IR523. You can do this by tabbing to the screen number field and typing the desired screen number.

IR525, Perhis Personnel Actions Summary Screen

To display the nature of action code literal, place the cursor on the nature of action code and press PF2. To view a continuation of data on the next page, press PF8, if applicable. Position the cursor in the first column on the record needed and press PF9 to transfer to IR501, PF10 to transfer to IR502, or PF11 to transfer to IR523.

To view screen element definitions, use the arrow keys to position the cursor on the data portion of the element field and press PF5. Detailed information for that element will display. To return to the original screen, press Enter. To return to the submenu, press PF1.

Note: Do not use the PF7 key on this screen to page up. The Enter key must be used to return to the beginning of the list.

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