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Leave Calculator

The Leave Calculator option allows users to view their leave information, plan their leave usage, maintain their leave history, and create leave slips. The leave calculator also displays the user’s projected end-of-year annual leave accruals and, if that balance is greater than 240 hours, their projected use-or-lose leave balance.

The leave calculator is not an official record of leave usage. The Earnings and Leave (E&L) Statement is the official record of leave usage. For pay periods that have already been processed, the leave calculator receives its leave balances from the E&L Statement. For the current pay period and future pay periods, the leave calculator calculates the projected leave balances based on the most recent E&L Statement, data entered in the leave calculator, and expected leave accruals.

Leave values are displayed and entered in quarter hour increments. For example: A leave value of 30 minutes is displayed as 0.50. A leave value of 1 hour and 15 minutes is 1.25. Clock times are not used in the leave calculator; i.e., an hour and a half is displayed as 1.50 and not as 1:30.

Daily values and pay period totals in red indicate used leave. Daily values and pay period totals in green indicate earned leave. Leave balances in green indicate positive leave balances. Leave balances in red indicate negative leave balances.

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