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Information Research Inquiry System (IRIS)

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Union/Association Dues (IR308)

Union Association Dues is screen number 308 on the Restricted Data Menu. This screen displays sensitive union/association dues information. The record number, transaction code, dues code, authority date, deduction indicator code, dollar amount to be deducted each pay period, minimum dollar amount to be deducted, percentage that is deducted each pay period, union/local code, and the address of the union/local are listed on this screen. To access information, type the SSN and press Enter.

IR308, Union_Association Dues Screen

To display a new record, press Enter. To return to a previous record, press PF12.

To view screen element definitions, use the arrow keys to position the cursor on the data portion of the element field and press PF5. Detailed information for that element will display. To return to the original screen, press Enter. To return to the submenu, press PF1.

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