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webTA 4.2 Timekeeper - Master Timekeeper

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An Agency Security Officer (ASO) requests access for webTA HR Administrators. Roles are assigned in webTA by an HR Administrator at the Agency level. At least 2 weeks should be allowed for the request to be processed.

Note: Each webTA role is designated by a separate menu tab. webTA users will only see the tabs corresponding to the role(s) they are granted.

Role Assignments Page

The following roles are available in webTA 4.2:

Note: Access and specific properties of each role are determined by the selections made.




Master Timekeeper

The Master Timekeeper has the Timekeeper role access plus the following unless the Editable selection is removed:

Note: When the Master Timekeeper role is selected, the Editable selection is checked by default. If removed, the Master Timekeeper will have read only access to all Employees within their organization.

Master Supervisor

The Master Supervisor has the Supervisor role access plus the following:

HR Administrator


Project Manager


Account Manager

COP (Continuation of Pay) Administrator

Configuration Manager

ECM (Emergency Contact Management) Administrator


Help Desk User

Leave Transfer Program Manager



Read Only

Telework Coordinator

Telework Managing Officer

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