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Accessibility for Users of Assistive Technology with webTA 4.2

The National Finance Center (NFC) is committed to providing applications that may be used with assistive technology.

In order to meet this commitment, NFC will comply with the requirements of the United States Access Board.

NFC must ensure that users with disabilities be provided with access to have the same options within an application as those with no disability, unless an undue burden would be imposed upon NFC.

Help for Users of Assistive Technology

Online help utilizes HyperText Markup Language (HTML) frames which display help in a separate browser. Each Help page contains a Table of Contents with links and Help content. Some Help topics include one or more Related Topics.

To Navigate within Frames:

  1. Select Help. The browser opens. By default, the focus is in the content pane.
  2. Select the Tab key to move the focus to the Related Topics (if any).
  3. Select the Enter key to open a related topic link.


    Select the Tab key to move the focus to the Table of Contents.

  4. Select the Enter key to open a different help topic link.

Navigation with Keyboard Shortcuts/Commands

Contact Information for Users of Assistive Technology

If you experience an issue due to accessibility as defined by the United States Access Board, please contact your Agency Servicing Personnel Office for assistance. Authorized Agency Contacts (AACs) listed in Table Management System (TMGT) Table 063, Department/Agency/Bureau Contact, Contact Type 04, should call the NFC Contact Center at 1-855-NFC-4GOV (1-855-632-4468). When contacting the applicable person, please include all information regarding the function that you are trying to use within the application.