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Time and Attendance Instructions (TNAINST)

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Corrected T&A

Erroneous or omitted information on T&As that have been submitted and processed must be corrected to provide proper payment and accurate records. A corrected T&A is used to report changes to information previously submitted and/or processed for a prior or current pay period. PPS stores T&A information for 26 pay periods (25 previous pay periods and the current pay period). Timekeepers may submit changes to correct or supplement any of the 25 previous pay periods at any time, or for the current pay period, providing PAYE has not executed. Corrections to pay periods other than the current and 25 previous pay periods must be made by the personnel office by submitting a Payroll Action Request, Form AD-343, and a copy of the original and corrected T&A(s) giving a complete explanation of the changes being made. In certain situations, your personnel office may opt to use TINQ to correct leave data. Any leave discrepancies that are adjusted on a corrected T&A will adjust the current leave balance only.

A corrected T&A can only be processed for a pay period for which a T&A has already been processed. If a regular T&A has not been processed, the corrected T&A will reject.

A corrected T&A must be prepared if:

Do not process a corrected T&A if the employee has separated in a previous pay period or an employee has been reassigned to another Agency.

A corrected T&A for a prior pay period does not apply to the database until ADJP and PAYE have executed. Therefore, if the current T&A reflects credit or compensatory leave used that was earned but not recorded until the corrected T&A, use TINQ to enter the leave earned. Do not process a corrected T&A.

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