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Login Instructions Using eAuthentication

This topic has been updated to include the new eAuthentication page layout.

To Log In Using eAuthentication with LincPass:

If the Agency accesses the application using the eAuthentication Login, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect to NFC Home Page.
  2. Select the Applications tab. The Application Launchpad is displayed.
  3. Select the I Agree button. The Please Select Your Agency page is displayed.

    eAuthentication Select Your Agency Page

  4. Select your Agency from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Submit button. The Save Agency popup appears.

    eAuthentication Save Agency Pop Up Page

  6. Select the Yes button. The eAuthentication Log In page is displayed.

    eAuthentication Login Page (2)

  7. Select the Log In with PIV/CAC button to log in. The Windows Security Select a Certificate page is displayed.
  8. Select the OK button. The applicable Windows Security Smart Card popup will appear.

    Note: Prior to selecting the OK button, ensure that the credential information displayed on the Certificate page is correct. If not, select the More choices option, select the correct credentials, then select the OK button.

  9. Enter your PIN.
  10. Select the OK button.

To Log In Using eAuthentication with a User ID and Password:

  1. Connect to the applicable Web site for the application. A Warning page is displayed.
  2. Select the I Agree button to acknowledge that you are aware that you are accessing a Government computer. The Login page is displayed.

    eAuthentication Login Page (2)

  3. Complete the Log In fields as follows:

    User ID


  4. Select the Log In with Password button. The Two-Step Authentication page is displayed.

    Two-Step Authentication Page - Verification Code Sent to Phone

  5. Enter the Verification Code.
  6. Select the Submit button.

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