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Employee Personal Page (EPP)

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This topic has been updated to include Change PII.

The Preferences option allows users to customize their EPP. Users are able to enter an email address to receive replacement passwords, verification of self-service actions, and other email notifications. This menu also allows users to change their user password, user ID, W-2 password to be used in conjunction with importing their Form W-2 information into tax filing software such as Turbo Tax or At Home, and PII information. Users can also elect whether or not to receive paperless W-2s and Earnings & Leave (E&L) statements.

To Set Your Preferences:

Select the Preferences component. Valid values are:

In This Section

Change Email Addresses

Change Paper W-2 & 1095-C

Change Password

Change Two-Step Authentication

Change User ID

Change W2 Password

Change Paperless E&L

Change PII

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