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Earnings and Leave Statements

The E&L Statements option allows users to view their current and past Earnings and Leave (E&L) Statements.

To View Earnings and Leave Statements:

  1. Select the E&L Statements component. The E&L Statements page is displayed. The user’s existing E&L Statement that is stored in the Payroll/Personnel System as of the last effective pay period is displayed.

    Earnings & Leave Statements Page

  2. Select the appropriate year you are trying to find from the drop-down. Select Year menu.
  3. Select the View Details icon next to the applicable E&L Statement to display the selected statement.
  4. At this point the following options are available:



    Select Print-Friendly

    To display a printable version of the selected E&L Statement.

    Select View PDF

    To display a PDF version of the selected E&L Statement.

    Select View Doc (Word)

    To display the selected E&L Statement in a Word document.

    Select View Xls (Excel)

    To display the selected E&L Statement in an Excel document.

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