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097 TSP Loan Allotment

The TSP Allotment is a deduction made through payroll deduction for a loan made by a TSP participant against his/her TSP account. For more information refer to TSP Loans, for restrictions.

These allotments are deposited electronically through DD/EFT. Eligible employees may elect in-service withdrawals in lieu of a loan allotment. See the Non-Automated Processing procedure manual located under the Manual Pay Processing publication category on the Publications page of the NFC Web site.

The TSP Loan Allotment is used to enter the TSP-22, Thrift Savings Plan Loan Payment Allotment Form, for Federal and non-Federal employees. The TSP Service Office enters the TSP-22 for Federal employees; Agencies enter the TSP-22 for non-Federal employees. TSP loan allotment data is displayed in IRIS Program IR120, Thrift Savings Loan.

Loan amounts available are limited to the participant’s contributions to TSP and the earnings attributable to such contributions.

By law, loan application requests are restricted to the following:

Before a loan is approved, the participant must complete the required documentation to request the loan.

Note: The TSP Loan Allotment TSP 22 entry is for NFC personnel only.

To Apply for a Loan:

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