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EmpowHR: Section 9 - MSS AWE

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Manager Self Service (MSS)

Manager Self Service (MSS) provides managers with the tools and information they need to administer certain aspects pertaining to employees’ professional development. It eliminates paperwork and provides managers with a method to track information on each employee. Managers are able to:

Managers may only perform personnel requests for their direct reports and their subordinates. Once a manager initiates a request, it passes through an approval workflow process that is specified by the Agency. Once the request is approved, it is submitted to the appropriate EmpowHR module for processing.

In This Section

Configuring Manager Self Service (MSS)

Initiating Personnel Action Requests (PAR)

Approving/Denying a Personnel Action Request (PAR)

Processing a Personnel Action Request (PAR)

Fill a Position

Review Transactions