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EmpowHR 9.0 Section 6 - Payroll Documents

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Union Dues

The SF 1187, Request for Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues, or another appropriate form must be completed by the employee and the union/association to authorize dues deduction when:

Do not enter more than two union/local or association records for an employee.

Before beginning, the following information is needed:

Parking Fees

Some document types are also used to enter data for the Smithsonian Institute employees who are obligated to pay parking fees to the Harvard Parking Office, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Employees should complete the appropriate form and submit it to their personnel office for processing.

These actions are entered in EmpowHR as a Document Type 086, Labor Dues Auth, using Union Code 15 and Local Code 0001.

Cancelations are entered as Document Type 085, Dues Cancel.

Changes in Bargaining Units

PPS will automatically stop (cancel) membership dues for:

These automatic cancelations and reinstatements are effective no earlier than the end of the processing effective pay period (deductions will start or stop the following pay period).

If any of the above actions are processed late, PPS will only stop or start the membership dues. An AD-343, Payroll Action Request, must be submitted to the Payroll/Personnel Operations Section at NFC to adjust the membership dues.

This section shows how to: change dues, change between locals, and cancel eligible employees’ payments of dues to labor organizations and associations. Employees who wish to exercise the option available to them of having payments of dues to labor organization, professional association, or other organizations deducted from their salary on a regular basis should submit the appropriate form to their personnel office.

Employee Union Dues Mass Change

Document Type 083, Emply Org Mass, is used to enter information from the SF 1187, Request of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues, or the appropriate form when the union/association dues deduction is changing for more than one employee.

Dues Change Between Locals in National Lab Organization

Document Type 084, Local Dues Chg, is used when an employee with established union/association dues allotment transfers to another Agency within the same Department or a different labor organization/association within the same Agency.

If an employee is reassigned or transferred to a location represented by a different local or chapter of the same labor organization and the employee continues to hold a bargaining union position, the employee may change the membership dues deduction to show the new local/chapter and the amount of the membership dues.

Cancelation/Revocation of Employee Union Dues

Document Type 085, Dues Cancel, is used to enter information from the SF 1188, Revocation of Voluntary Authorization for Allotment of Compensation for Payment of Employee Organization Dues, or another appropriate form when the employee is no longer eligible or wants to voluntarily stop being a member.

Revocations of Membership Dues

An allotment for the payment of dues may be revoked by the employee only after a written request (an SF 1188 or another appropriate form) is submitted by the employee to the Agency personnel office.

Certain labor organizations designate when an employee may revoke labor organization withholding; other organization permit revocation at any time.

Cancelation of Membership Dues

To cancel membership dues, the employee should submit an SF 1188, or another appropriate form, to their personnel office.

An allotment for the payment of dues to a labor organization is to be canceled when the employee is:

A cancelation is effective immediately or in the pay period in which it was entered.

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