PPS Release Notes CY24 PP06

Reference Number: NFC-24-1713192677

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Personal Benefits Statements

Added the 2023 Personal Benefits Statements to the Employee Personal Page (EPP) and the Reporting Center (RPCT) to display employees' personal benefits information.


Guide to Processing Personnel Actions (GPPA) Chapter 15 Fair Chance Act Changes

Updated Table Management System (TMGT) and EmpowHR tables to comply with reporting requirements and to accurately document adverse actions for violations of the Fair Chance Act.

Added Nature of Action Code (NOAC) 451 to the Web-based Entry, Processing, Inquiry, and Correction System's (EPIC Web) main menu.


Update 91 - Revisions Released for GPPA Chapter 17 for DETO

Modified EmpowHR, Front-End System Interface (FESI), and EPIC Web to accept new Authority Code Z2Y - PL117-263 9717-DETO in conjunction with NOAC 894. 

Updated Personnel Input and Edit System (PINE) to edit against the new Authority Code NOAC combination. 

Updated TMGT tables to add new Authority Code 1 Z2y and Remarks codes.