Reference Number: NFC-1687962721
Published: July 28, 2023
Effective: Pay Period 15, 2023


The Overseas Comparability Pay (OCP) for Domestic Employee Teleworking Overseas (DETOs) program was enacted as a part of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which was signed by the President on December 23, 2022. Each Agency is responsible for the implementation of this provision for its own DETOs based upon their ability to fund the additional monies and determination of employee eligibility.

This program provides locality pay for civil service employees who perform the duties of their domestic positions from an overseas location.

Affected Systems


System Impact Status


Modifed EmpowHR edits when the Pay Plan General Schedule (GS) and Salary Plan Table begins with Overseas Telework (OT). EmpowHR will automatically sync to add Table Management System (TMGT) Table 029, Pay Table Rates, updates for DETO via the Mainframe weekly schedule.

Table Management System (TMGT)

Added the new DETO locality rate tables provided by U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to TMGT Table 029. 




EmpowHR has been updated to add edits to require the following:

EmpowHR has also been updated to include the following:

Note: When PRD is E or F, use the Retain Grade and Step to determine the base pay, locality, and adjusted base pay as defined above.


Each special pay table code has been updated to begin with OT for Overseas Telework on TMGT Table 029.


The procedure manuals for these applications are available online at the National Finance Center (NFC) Web site. To view the procedures, select HR and Payroll Clients from the MyNFC drop-down menu on the NFC Home page. At the HR and Payroll Clients page, select the Publications tab and select the applicable category to access the procedure manual within the category.


For questions about NFC processing, authorized Servicing Personnel Office representatives should contact the NFC Contact Center at 1-855-NFC-4GOV (1-855-632-4468) or via the customer service portal at ServiceNow Portal for Federated Users and at ServiceNow Portal for Non-Federated Users.